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  • Mohit Singh Thagunna, Research and Evaluation Officer, Action Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal. Email: thagunna.mohit@actionnepal.net ; thagunna.mohit@gmail.com Tobacco epidemic is one of the burning challenges and biggest public health threats that the world has ever faced. Almost one third of the... [read more]
  • According to the tobacco control law established in Bangladesh in 2005, any promotion of tobacco products at the point of sales is strictly prohibited. Despite this Japan Tobacco International (JTI) which is a multinational tobacco company has been distributing boxes decorated with JTI brand col... [read more]
  • COVID-19 pandemic, considered as a major health challenge in the world, has  led  to deaths, business  closures,  loss  of  income  and livelihoods, a  rise  in  mental  distress and an inevitable impact  on  health behaviours. As COVID-19 is a respiratory disease lot of speculations do arise... [read more]
  • “Voice of Vapers Bangladesh” which is a pro-vaping organization seems to have been posting misleading posts on their Facebook  page under the name and logo of World Health Organization (WHO). The particular post that is posted on 5th of October 2020 carries the quote 'Vaping is free from the harmful... [read more]