Fellowship Program

The online fellowship programme would be six months duration starting from 18th of January 2021. Learning activities will include online lectures, discussions, one-to-one mentoring and coaching sessions, assignments and participation in organising the regional SARC-CCT conference in June. A valuable certificate of competence would be awarded with successful completion of the fellowship.

We require the following qualifications from the participants

A potential candidate should:

  • be interested in tobacco industry monitoring and tobacco control
  • have at least two years’ experience in the tobacco control field
  • be currently employed in a role relevant for tobacco industry monitoring/control
  • be ready to work with the respective SARC-CCT committee member for at least a year 
  • be stationed in the respective country 
  • be willing and able to commit six hours a week on online and self-directed learning activities for a six month period starting from January 2021 
  • be able to communicate well in English and enthusiastic about writing as the main task would be to develop posts for www.tobaccounmasked.south.asia and www.sarccct.org websites. 
  • have no affiliations with the tobacco industry 

A fellowship with SARC-CCT would enable a fellow to:

  • Learn the art and science of monitoring the tobacco industry 
  • Develop competencies in investigative research 
  • Get involved in advocacy for tobacco control policy and actions in the South Asia Region
  • Get the opportunity to network with global and regional experts and stakeholders in tobacco control.