Dr Said Habib Arwal – Afghanistan

During my fellowship program I got a lot of the experience, for instance during my on line and on site classes in Colombo , I learned more from the teachers and fellows about the situation in their counties. I understand how important is high taxation on tobacco production ,and how effected it on decreasing of tobacco users ect. During my fellowship courses I learned about my county more then before !

Please ,Please follow this program it’s very successful program of Tobacco Control and beating NCDs

Mahir Dyan Amin – Bangladesh – Research Officer, PROGGA (Knowledge for Progress)

Through the SARC-CCT 2020 Fellowship program, a new dimension of regional knowledge-sharing and cooperation has opened up. The sharing of experiences, both bitter stories of TI interference and success stories of tobacco control, was particularly helpful. One of the enlightening segments of the Fellowship program was the visit to some villages of Kandy, Sri Lanka, where effective community engagement, facilitated by Public Health Inspectors, has led to eradication of tobacco consumption and sale. The launching of TUSA was another memorable event. The Fellowship program was quite sincere in imparting knowledge on specific types of interferences and possible ways to tackle it. With platforms such as SARC-CCT Fellowship programs, tobacco control can be made an essential policy priority through it would be much easier to identify common threats to regional public health.

SARC CCT Fellowship program has given you the opportunity to get in touch with the most innovative and experienced pro-public health minds of South Asia and the World. Learn the experiences and listen to the stories; cause they hold the key to the way forward.

Kunzang Namgyel – Bhutan Narcotics Control Authority (Supply Reduction Division), Thimphu, Bhutan

Firstly, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Centre for Combating Tobacco (CCT), Faculty of Medicine, and University of Colombo for coordinating (SARC-CCT) fellowship program to develop our tobacco industry monitoring capacity including information compilation and dissemination in relation to our respective countries. After attending this program I could able to gain the following experiences:

  • Monitoring of Tobacco Industry in our own region.
  • Collection of information, compilation and dissemination of the information
  • Writing research paper curbing of illegal tobacco smuggling.

Welcome to SARC-CCT fellowship Program. A Fellowship program is predominantly to support SARC-CCT Fellows to develop their tobacco industry monitoring capacity including information compilation and dissemination. This program helps us to gain skills and ideas on how to monitor the tobacco industry in our region. No doubt that acquiring such skills helped us in helping the respective agencies and institutes to maintain social norms and harmony in the region. Further, it helped us in shaping the country as in the way our dynamic leaders have foreseen and thus the country is being steered straight. Such program hopefully helps in achieving the expected result in the region such as Bhutan who circulates around the principle of Gross National Happiness.

Dr Aastha Bagga – India, Project Manager, Generation Saviour Association

I am immensely indebted for the knowledge I gained during the course and shall use it for the betterment of the world around me. The completion of this CCT fellowship for me is not an ending but the beginning towards my journey of building a world free from tobacco industry interference and tobacco use.

CCT team along with being a great technical and analytical support for tobacco control is exceptionally welcoming to all kinds of ideas and concepts from its fellows. I proudly assure the new fellows that the CCT fellowship training is an investment that will pay the best interest.

Fathmath Afa Adnan – Maldives – Cancer Society of Maldives

The training was very informa1ve and helpful. It helped me understand industry interference beLer and I am sure that it will con1nue to help me in my career in NCDs. Knowing about the experiences of other countries, industry interference, what they do and how countries deal with it helped me understand what to look for and deal with certain things in my country.

This is a very helpful program and it helps network and learn from other countries.

Bhisha Kafle – Health journalist forum Nepal Secretary Healthaawaj.com Acting Editor

If we do not control uses of tobacco we cannot reduce Non communicable dieses and can’t stop dying people in young age. As a Health Journalist I am involving on tobacco control activities for 10 years.

In this 10 year I learn that how the tobacco industry influence the political leader, policy maker and government officers. But in this 6 month fellow I learn how to preserve the document and evidence which play by tobacco industry and its supporter.

This fellowship is direct linked with the people health. So don’t think it is just a fellow, this fellowship makes us responsibility to protect our country from tobacco uses, reduce NCD and stop dying people in young age.

Muhammad Faisal – Pakistan, Fikar e Farda Welfare Organization

My experience at CCT fellowship program has been invaluable both in terms of practical skills learned and exposure to the frontiers of tobacco control of the region. It was honored to work with such a talented group of fellows and dedicated CCT team. From the beginning the CCT team provided their invaluable guidance, assistance and support to improve the quality of our assigned tasks. These are transferable skills that will serve me well throughout my career.

Welcome and congratulations for joining CCT fellowship program. As a fellow you will be given unparalleled insight on the Tobacco Industry Interference in our region. Fellows get valuable exposure and experience while learning under the guidance and mentorship of an experienced team.